Episode 05: David’s Story

When David messaged me to tell me he had something he wanted to discuss on the podcast, I knew it would be a powerful, emotional episode.

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I am humbled and proud to be the vehicle for David’s message. It will be a difficult listen for some; there are several content warnings (rape, LGBTQIA+ issues, HIV, trauma/PTSD, language) so please listen with care if you are affected by any of this content.

Whilst this episode is not themed as previous ones, it epitomises the aim of the podcast – to allow a safe space for conversations to be had when people feel ready to do so.

As I mention in the podcast, David’s Website is here which carries with it the same content warnings as above.

Support sites here:

Survivors Manchester
Rape Crisis
Here are the EP05 Citations I reference in the episode also.

Thank you, and #keeptalking