Episode 14: Exercise and Mental Health

This week's episode started as a chat with our friend Claire about Exercise and Mental health. Claire is a recently qualified personal trainer – we discuss how she came to that decision and the effect that exercise has on mental health in general.

It's quite a long podcast but it's worth it, lots of great insights into physical training, Pregnancy, Post-Natal Depression, tiny squash racquets and underwater hockey.

Nope, I didn't know that was a thing either! 

I love how this episode flows into other connected topics; it highlights how broad the conversation needs to be if we're going to truly bring mental health issues to the fore. 

Here are the links to the topics we discussed:

The British Octopush Association


RCPsych Advice on MH and Exercise

A blog about MH and sport, particularly the benefits of Fitness training.

This is going to be the first of many episodes on the subject; I have one lined up for the next few weeks and it's something that I feel needs some real attention. It's certainly not a one-size-fits-all but that's the beauty of it – there's something for everyone.  

Enjoy! As ever, podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk is the email for questions, comments and suggestions.



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Episode 13: Sports and Sleep

Slightly late today as we conveniently slept in, today’s episode is about sleep hygiene. I love sleep, and Pam has been basically awake since 2009. We discuss some advice for maintaining good sleep hygiene, whilst deftly skirting around the fact that we ignore most of it most of the time.

We also discuss some recent stories in the news about mental health in sport – while uploading the episode I’ve found even more, it really does seem like the conversation is getting louder and more widespread which is great. Content warning for OCD, depression, intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation, please listen with care if you are affected.

As promised, here is a link to the National Sleep Foundation, and the interviews we talked about:

Luke Jackson talking about OCD,
Everton in the Community
A great Bodyscan Meditation by John Kabat-Zinn, who we will discuss soon.

Questions, comments and suggestions always welcome, and please send in your stories of exercise and Mental Health! podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 12: CBD and Listener Questions

In this episode we scratch the surface of the rapidly-evolving use of CBD in the treatment of pain, anxiety, depression and other symptoms & conditions. Whilst the science is not yet nailed down, there’s certainly some anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabin…. cabbinid…. cabinib…. CBD has a positive effect for many who choose to take it. There’s no in depth research here yet, more of a finger-im-the-air to establish what we do/don’t know before diving in.

We also look at our first listener questions! Exciting! Thanks again to Nick for your suggestions, which led us down some rabbit holes which we will doubtless revisit in later episodes.

Comments, questions, feedback always welcome!


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 11: Counselling to Counsellor

This was an absolutely fascinating chat – it chimed with me on a number of different levels and it could have been an hour longer if I'm honest.

Carl is a newly qualified counsellor. We talk about the process of his qualification and the journey he took to get there. 

Content warning: We do talk about suicidal ideation and self harm in this episode, please bear this in mind when listening. 

Thanks as ever for listening, please do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or feedback. Next week will contain our first listener questions!

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