Episode 10: Chronic Illness II – It’s too damn hot!

Recorded on a day when everything melted, the conversation was naturally about how the heat can affect you when you have a Chronic Illness.

Coping with extremes of temperature can be trying when you're perfectly well, but when you're low on energy/strength/spoons* it can prove extra difficult.

We also discuss pain management options, and delve into the labyrinth that is Pam's medication regime. 

Here are the links to Spoon Theory, EDS, TENS and the MS Society info on coping with the heat. 

Stay cool and #keeptalking !

Simon & Pam

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Episode 09: ADHD

Today’s chat was one that we’ve been trying to organise for a little while around shifts and such – I’m so glad we did as it’s great.

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Katie (@katie_astrophe) is an RMN who has been living with ADHD since childhood. The discussion covers how this affects everyday life, study and through to employment. This is going to be one of a number of chapters as there’s lots more to cover!

Many thanks to Katie for spending some time talking in between night shifts, it’s very much appreciated. And thanks to Amber the Cat for the input!


Also mentioned is Louisa Hammond’s incredible MA artwork Mental Health Perspectives which really needs to be seen. Follow @louisa_hammond on instagram for more info.



source https://audioboom.com/posts/6941478

Episode 08: Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame go together like Sonic and Tails. Like Mario and Luigi. Like Crash Bandicoot and that floaty Aku Aku mask that gave you extra stuff.The point is, they are closely linked and we talk about them both today.

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We go through a number of different types of guilt and how these can affect your behaviour and your social interactions. A really interesting chat today, it’s a topic I feel confident in talking about as it runs through me like an irritating coal seam.

In this episode we talk about Gaslighting, so please bear that in mind if this is a trigger for you.

Here are a few links which we used in the episode:

Counselling Directory
Psychology Today

As always please feel free to comment via email podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk or via the socials @thinkinghabits


Simon & Pamela

Episode 07: The power of the Reset

Brought to you through the fog of excruciating lower back pain* and fuelled by analgesics, today’s episode is an interesting discussion about how we can Reset in everyday life.

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Be it a daily action to clear your mind of the stresses of work, or a full-tilt reboot to change careers, a reset can be valuable, frightening and exciting.

Pamela and I discuss examples of where we’ve employed this either by choice or by circumstance, how this has affected our mental health and where we find ourselves on the cusp of another opportunity to press the big red button.

Lift with your knees, kids!


Simon & Pamela

Episode 06: Chronic Illness (The John & Yoko Special)

In a change to the planned episode, today’s is a recumbent bedcast, because we can.

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I always planned to have my wife Pamela as a regular guest on the podcast as there is much we can discuss together in the arena; in particular it’s a privilege to have her talk about her experience with MS and mental health.

Great fun doing this episode! I think we’ll record more joint podcasts in the future, I hope that you find some common ground in this one, even if MS ins’t specific to you.

Sound levels peak a bit at the start, apologies for that – they settle down a few minutes in.

Links as mentioned:

The Mighty – in particular articles here and here for starters
MS Society

Thanks again and #keeptalking

Simon (& Pamela!)