Episode 24: The story isn’t over…

Hi all. It's been a few weeks since the last episode, which is not how I wanted it to go. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes.

To that end we've been faced with a choice:

1. End it here.
2. Switch to fortnightly/monthly
3. Call this 'Season 1' and build up more content for Season 2

The first option is out, I want this to continue. The decision is being made due to a desire to create quality, interesting content but lacking the physical time to do so. Creating content for the sake of it is not how I want this to go, and it would be more than a little hypocritical to make myself stressed and unwell meeting an arbitrary target while telling people to be kind to themselves!

Option 2 is possible, but the next couple of months are insanely busy so I don;t want to commit to something I may end up missing.

Option 3 is the best for me, for us. It allows me to review the first 23 episodes, pull out the key topics, stuff I've missed or want to revisit and come back with better stuff.

This episode is a semicolon in the story; it marks the end of 6 months of podcasts which we've enjoyed immensely. And I'm beyond grateful for your support. I hope THP will continue to be useful, and as ever I'm always looking for interesting new topics, so please keep in touch.

See you in Season 2!



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Episode 23: Music

This week we get to talk about music – an episode that we've been toying with since the very beginning.

Music has the ability to change my mood in an instant and I can put myself back in a very specific time and place by listening to a song decades later.

We chat a bit about why this is, and this expands into a wider discussion on how music is important in formative years and beyond. And I get to talk about West Kennet Long Barrow. Ace.

Some interesting links from Mind Here and Here

As ever, get in touch via thinkinghabits@gmail.com with comments etc


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 22: Happy Chemicals

This week we touch on the subject of Serotonin, Dopamine and (briefly) Oxytoxcin and Endorphins.

The continuous plate-spinning the brain does to keep these in equilibrium underpins everything from emotional regulation to gut motility.

We talk about how different levels can cause different symptoms and what can be done to maintain a healthy balance. In particular we talk about microdosing* – the use of low doses of psychedelics to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, or to increase productivity.

Researching this I learned loads, but it's still scary to me. We'll see how the research goes.

For more info about it, we'd recommend visiting thethirdwave.co as it's incredibly detailed.

**disclaimer*: Technically it's naughty. We're not your parents but just be careful… you know how we worry.

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Episode 21: Procrastination

The laundry's folded, the cutlery drawer is all lined up, the pens are arranged in order of size, then colour. Right, it's time to do the onerous thing I've been putting off. 

OK, maybe after I've had a nap.

Procrastination is an easy trap to fall into, and in the complex venn diagram of mental wellbeing it features prominently for a variety of reasons.

In this episode we discuss our own procrastination triggers, how we work around it and then we veer off a little bit into podcast recommendations because there's nothing like focussing on the job in hand.



Simon & Pamela

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Episode 20: Pets and Service Animals

We have pets – a rabbit and a tortoise. Loads of racing when we're not about I reckon.

Today we talk about pets and service animals of all kinds, from guide dogs to peacocks. We talk about the difference between a service animal and a support animal, and how they can both have an incredibly positive effect on mental health and quality of life.

I think this is a topic that could spur further discussions, do let us know if you have a service/support animal story you'd like to share!

podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk or @thinkinghabits.


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 19: The trick is to keep breathing…

This week we're all about breathing in, then out. It's all about mindfulness and yoga.

A brief intro into the origins of mindfulness, some insight into popular practices, teachers and applications, plus some different interpretations of mindfulness in action.

The Venn diagram between mindfulness and yoga is quite snug, the latter is inextricably linked to the former so we talk about that too.

As a bonus, I've included the 5-minute mindfulness exercise I did for my practitioner course. If you don't find my voice soporific enough give this a go!

Also, Links to John Kabatt-Zinn, Shamash Alidina and the Yogalife Project are here for you to explore. #otherservicesareavailable 🙂

Enjoy, in the present moment!


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 18: Algorithms and Amazon

Content Warning – We talk at length about suicidal ideation in this episode. Please listen with care. If you are struggling with low mood or suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone. 

  • Samaritans 116123
  • Papyrus/Hopeline UK 0800 068 4141 / pat@papyrus-uk.org

This week's episode centres around a very interesting article which details how a computer algorithm can predict the likelihood of a patient attempting suicide in the next week with a high degree (>80%) of accuracy.

We talk about how this could be used, how it raises ethical and practical concerns and how we are surrounded by codes and sums which predict almost everything we do. We then have a go at Jeff Bezos for a bit.

Rounding off the episode we talk about our fun day yesterday with https://ift.tt/2h5vC5I for @nationalcodingweek. As part of the day our friend Kelly gave a talk about Impostor Syndrome and somehow we tied it all together in a neat little bow.

Loads of links today, here they are: 

Doximity Article
Risk Assessment counterpoint
Impostor Syndrome
PHQ-9 and GAD7
Full Stack Of Pancakes

Enjoy! Get in touch with us at podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 17: MS Choices and Service Cuts

Today's episode is part rant, part diary. News articles are highlighting the devastating effect cuts to services are having on mental health provision in the NHS. This has a far reaching impact and I got on my soapbox about it.

On the positive side, Pamela had some interesting updates to her MS treatment which highlight what happens when things work well. 

Swings and Roundabouts.

Here's the Guardian Article which made me so angry, and here is the link to the MS Decisions page about all the medications available.

Have a lovely Sunday folks! 


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 16: Social Media – Ups & Downs

Pamela has the floor on this episode, as she wanted to discuss the thorny subject of social media support groups. 

It's a tricky pickle; on the one hand, message boards, forums, FB groups etc can be a valuable and essential medium offering tangible help, advice and guidance. On the other hand, they can be a minefield and a confusing – sometimes troubling environment.

We reflect on our own experiences of online support (which may not reflect that of others, of course) and discuss the pros and cons. It's hard not to bulldoze through this topic so we've tried to tackle it in a balanced manner. 

We'd love to hear your experience of online support groups – both good and bad. Email podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk with your thoughts. 

Also here's Marwencol – it's great. 


Simon & Pamela

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Episode 15: Tiny Epic Photos! #withtoysinmind

I've been hoping to get this chat organised, pretty much since I started the podcast. It was worth the wait! 

Dan is the creator and mastermind behind @tinyepicphotos on Instagram. His use of toy photography under #withtoysinmind has opened up a whole new medium through which people can relate to and discuss mental health issues. With regular topics and themes, Dan creates images which often reflect his own mental health issues, in a manner which is as relatable as it is powerful.

HUGE thanks to Dan once again for coming on the podcast, please check out his IG feed and hashtag via the links above, and also the link in his bio for the recent interview he did with Exclucollective.com




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