Episode 04: Work Related Stress

It’s almost inevitable nowadays that we will experience work related stress at some point in our careers.

Job insecurity, economic uncertainty. workload, terrible management or unsafe conditions – any or all can have a devastating effect on our mental health.

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This week I had the pleasure of talking to our friend Anne who was kind enough to share her story of work related stress – one that will be familiar to many.

Enjoy – feel free to comment/feed back, and please find the links to the stats Here and Here.

Mind have some great tips and tricks for remaining healthy at work, have a look!



Episode 03: Medication, Media and My Opinions…

Content Warning: Suicide

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A two-stop podcast this week, with the intro done stood in a field.  A beautiful couple of days in Langdale with friends was just the ticket.  Here’s what our view looked like:



This week I reflect on the tragic recent deaths in the public eye, and I take a personal look at an article which made me think about my relationship with medication. No spoilers but it made me really annoyed.

I’m still finding my feet with the podcast and this episode comes across as a bit of a stream of consciousness, but it is intended to open debate with the ultimate aim of talking more.

Lots of links, take a look below to follow them and draw your own conclusions; as I say in this episode these are my opinions and may not be anyone else’s. And I am happy to have my mind changed with further research (y’know, science).

If you need to talk to the Samaritans  or Blurt Foundation these are the links.

The original VOX Article by Johann Hari is available Here

Counterpoint articles 1, 2 and 3, with a very important notice about stopping medication Here.

Articles about the meta-analysis of research 1, 2 and 3



Episode 02: Intrusive Thoughts

Content Warning: Suicide, Self Harm

This one is was cathartic – almost the reason for starting the podcast in the first place I suppose.

Part autobiography, part discussion to set the benchmark in a sense; I can’t expect anyone else to feel comfortable speaking to me about their mental health experience if I haven’t demonstrated the willingness to do the same.

I have no problem speaking openly about these issues but at the same time this is the first time (save a blog post several years ago that nobody read) I’ve really articulated this stuff. Listen Here.



As discussed in the episode here are a number of links if you need to talk:

Live Life to the Full
Mental Health in Manchester
International OCD Foundation

Sunday is the day. Probably.

In starting this podcast I knew that I would have to manage the episodes around working full time and other commitments.

To that end, Sunday seems the most logical day for me to upload episodes, as I can draft them during the week, meet up with people and have interesting chats over coffee and cake, then splice it all together over the weekend.

I am aiming to release weekly; this may slip to bi-weekly but I will make that judgement call based on my time/energy/spoons etc.

I’m learning every day – I used to work for an ISP so I’m not a total novice but 10+ years of nursing knowledge has overwritten a fair amount of the techy stuff… and in the meantime it’s all shiny and new!

Excited and nervous about Episode 02, it’s a big one for me.



Thinking Habits is Live!

This is the Thinking Habits Podcast website.

There are a few excellent Mental Health podcasts out there but there’s  definitely room for more conversation. Here is Thinking Habits.

It’s going to be part exploration of conditions, social stigma, policy etc and part frank discussion about living with mental illness.

Most importantly though it is going to be humorous, irreverent and relaxed. I want it to be sensitive but at the same time humour (often dark) goes hand in hand. It’ll find it’s own path and we’ll see how it goes.

I am a qualified Mental Health Nurse with a background in Forensic and addiction services. I know a lot of people who have first hand experience of mental health issues as practitioners, patients or (like me) both!

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Thanks for reading, please feel free to get in touch! #keeptalking