Episode 24: The story isn’t over…

Hi all. It's been a few weeks since the last episode, which is not how I wanted it to go. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes.

To that end we've been faced with a choice:

1. End it here.
2. Switch to fortnightly/monthly
3. Call this 'Season 1' and build up more content for Season 2

The first option is out, I want this to continue. The decision is being made due to a desire to create quality, interesting content but lacking the physical time to do so. Creating content for the sake of it is not how I want this to go, and it would be more than a little hypocritical to make myself stressed and unwell meeting an arbitrary target while telling people to be kind to themselves!

Option 2 is possible, but the next couple of months are insanely busy so I don;t want to commit to something I may end up missing.

Option 3 is the best for me, for us. It allows me to review the first 23 episodes, pull out the key topics, stuff I've missed or want to revisit and come back with better stuff.

This episode is a semicolon in the story; it marks the end of 6 months of podcasts which we've enjoyed immensely. And I'm beyond grateful for your support. I hope THP will continue to be useful, and as ever I'm always looking for interesting new topics, so please keep in touch.

See you in Season 2!



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