Episode 19: The trick is to keep breathing…

This week we're all about breathing in, then out. It's all about mindfulness and yoga.

A brief intro into the origins of mindfulness, some insight into popular practices, teachers and applications, plus some different interpretations of mindfulness in action.

The Venn diagram between mindfulness and yoga is quite snug, the latter is inextricably linked to the former so we talk about that too.

As a bonus, I've included the 5-minute mindfulness exercise I did for my practitioner course. If you don't find my voice soporific enough give this a go!

Also, Links to John Kabatt-Zinn, Shamash Alidina and the Yogalife Project are here for you to explore. #otherservicesareavailable 🙂

Enjoy, in the present moment!


Simon & Pamela

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