Episode 18: Algorithms and Amazon

Content Warning – We talk at length about suicidal ideation in this episode. Please listen with care. If you are struggling with low mood or suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone. 

  • Samaritans 116123
  • Papyrus/Hopeline UK 0800 068 4141 / pat@papyrus-uk.org

This week's episode centres around a very interesting article which details how a computer algorithm can predict the likelihood of a patient attempting suicide in the next week with a high degree (>80%) of accuracy.

We talk about how this could be used, how it raises ethical and practical concerns and how we are surrounded by codes and sums which predict almost everything we do. We then have a go at Jeff Bezos for a bit.

Rounding off the episode we talk about our fun day yesterday with https://ift.tt/2h5vC5I for @nationalcodingweek. As part of the day our friend Kelly gave a talk about Impostor Syndrome and somehow we tied it all together in a neat little bow.

Loads of links today, here they are: 

Doximity Article
Risk Assessment counterpoint
Impostor Syndrome
PHQ-9 and GAD7
Full Stack Of Pancakes

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