Episode 13: Sports and Sleep

Slightly late today as we conveniently slept in, today’s episode is about sleep hygiene. I love sleep, and Pam has been basically awake since 2009. We discuss some advice for maintaining good sleep hygiene, whilst deftly skirting around the fact that we ignore most of it most of the time.

We also discuss some recent stories in the news about mental health in sport – while uploading the episode I’ve found even more, it really does seem like the conversation is getting louder and more widespread which is great. Content warning for OCD, depression, intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation, please listen with care if you are affected.

As promised, here is a link to the National Sleep Foundation, and the interviews we talked about:

Luke Jackson talking about OCD,
Everton in the Community
A great Bodyscan Meditation by John Kabat-Zinn, who we will discuss soon.

Questions, comments and suggestions always welcome, and please send in your stories of exercise and Mental Health! podcast@thinkinghabits.co.uk


Simon & Pamela

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