Episode 08: Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame go together like Sonic and Tails. Like Mario and Luigi. Like Crash Bandicoot and that floaty Aku Aku mask that gave you extra stuff.The point is, they are closely linked and we talk about them both today.

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We go through a number of different types of guilt and how these can affect your behaviour and your social interactions. A really interesting chat today, it’s a topic I feel confident in talking about as it runs through me like an irritating coal seam.

In this episode we talk about Gaslighting, so please bear that in mind if this is a trigger for you.

Here are a few links which we used in the episode:

Counselling Directory
Psychology Today

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Episode 04: Work Related Stress

It’s almost inevitable nowadays that we will experience work related stress at some point in our careers.

Job insecurity, economic uncertainty. workload, terrible management or unsafe conditions – any or all can have a devastating effect on our mental health.

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This week I had the pleasure of talking to our friend Anne who was kind enough to share her story of work related stress – one that will be familiar to many.

Enjoy – feel free to comment/feed back, and please find the links to the stats Here and Here.

Mind have some great tips and tricks for remaining healthy at work, have a look!